Sonic Alert HomeAware Blink Doorbell - HA360BDB2-1

Product # HA360BDB2-1

Enlightenment comes in the form of the HomeAware Blink Doorbell, AKA the HA360BDB! Allow the great power of the blink doorbell to signal you whenever someone says: open sesame or places their finger on your doorbell! An ancient fable foretells of a cave opening up with hidden treasure inside. Open sesame, is overheard with light entering the cave. Nothing has ever been able to open it up again until now. The HomeAware Blink Doorbell carries with it all of the powers of the ancient ones from the first blink wireless doorbell that lit up the cave. The blink doorbell alerts you to someone being at your door. Like the words: open sesame light up the cave, the blink doorbell will light up each time someone makes themselves present at the foot of your home.


  • The most vivid and vibrant doorbell receiver on the market today
  • Can link multiple HA360BDB receivers to HomeAware Doorbell (HA360DB) for flashing in other rooms
  • Connects to the HomeAware doorbell transmitter
  • Blinks green to alert you to the doorbell alert
  • The HA360B links to the HomeAware Doorbell (HA360DB), which is included
  • Move the HA360B switch from receiver mode to master mode to reset the device
  • A fully-charged battery lasts for 48 hours
  • The battery charges fully within two hours
  • One-year Sonic Alert warranty

Sonic Alert HomeAware Blink Doorbell -
 Price: $210.00 Canada CDN


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