Sonic Alert HomeAware Vibe - HA360VB2-1

Product # HA360VB2-1

The HomeAware 360 Vibe is a new accessory that connects to the HomeAware main unit, transmitters, and receivers. This personal pager will alert you to events like the smoke/CO detector activating, the baby crying, the phone ringing and many more alerts.

The HomeAware 360 Vibe will alert you with multiple LED lights, vibration and an audio alert, and all will be patterned to a specific alert. Simply clip the HomeAware Vibe to your waistband or slip it into a pocket and enjoy the freedom of never missing an alert again. In fact the HA360VB can also act as an emergency alert notification device in case you have fallen or have another emergency. By simply pushing the button on the front of the unit it will send an ALERT notification to all your HomeAware receivers and the main unit. Because it is portable and the increased range due to the HomeAware's mesh network, you will be safe throughout your entire house. Never before has a product brought you so much versatility and peace of mind.


  • Emergency alert button when help is needed.
  • Ultra-high brightness strobe for maximum visibility.
  • Clips easily on waistband and small enough to slip into a pocket.
  • Connects to the HomeAware main unit, transmitters, and receivers.
  • Customizable alerts, vibrate, sound, flashing lights, and different colors for different alerts.

Sonic Alert HomeAware Vibe - HA360VB2-1
 Price: $266.00 Canada CDN


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