SERENE HEARING AID DRYER & REFRESHENER with a Hearing Aid Battery Tester

Product # DB100DRYER

The DB100 RENEW is a hassle free, easy to open, DRYER & REFRESHENER with NO CHEMICALS or DESICCANTS.

The DB100 dryer chamber temperature stays constant at 45 degree C when active.

This unit includes a Hearing Aid Battery Tester. Don't waste money throwing away batteries. Test them first and get the longest battery life possible.


  • Uses GENTLE DRY HEAT to remove moisture & condensation
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY No costly chemicals or desiccants needed
  • Powerful UV LIGHT inhibits bacterial growth which can cause itchy ears
  • Built-in BATTERY TESTER for HEARING AID BATTERIES, no more throwing away batteries pre-maturely & wasting money
  • EASY-TO-OPEN compartment even for people with arthritis
  • Simple one-touch operation
  • Accommodates up to 2 pairs of hearing aids or Cochlear implant processors
  • COMPACT & LIGHTWEIGHT with universal AC adapter (110-240V), Ideal for use at home or on the road anywhere in the world.

 Price: $118.40 Canada CDN


Product Literature (PDF)

The Science of ReNew.pdf (PDF)


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