MARSONA 1288A Programmable Sound Conditioner

Product # 1288A

Who knew it would take a dose of ADVANCED DIGITAL AUDIO TECHNOLOGY to help you sleep?

Snooze to incredibly realistic sounds played back by a highquality speaker, built into a carefully engineered housing all designed to lull you to sleep in the very best sound experience possible.

A collection of digital soundtracks lets you be the maestro of your own dreams. Choose from eight different base sounds, and then program any combination of overlay sounds (from 0 to all 8). The sounds of surf, rain, or lakeshore, accented by an occasional seagull, hawk, or owl, create a tranquility surpassed only by being there.

The 1288A features incredibly realistic sounds played back by a high quailty speaker, built into a carefully engineered housing.

All designed to lull you to sleep with the very best sound possible.

The Marsona 1288A has user-friendly touch controls and LEDs to highlight selected sounds; slide controls for tone and volume allow for a sensation of sound range.

Brings relief for Tinnitus sufferers.


  • User-friendly touch controls and LEDs
  • Slide controls for tone and volume


  • LAKE SHORE - Gentle waves lapping against the edge of the shore with a steady chorus of crickets in the background.
  • RAIN - A spring shower with the splashing sound of rain in a nearby pond.
  • COUNTRY EVE - Crickets and spring peeper frogs against a background of ambient evening sounds.
  • SURF I - The rhythmic pattern of a single ocean wave repeatedly rolling in against the beach.
  • SURF II - A natural wave pattern with a multitude of ocean waves of diverse sizes and strengths.
  • THUNDER STORM - Experience the reassuring comforts of feeling safe, warm and dry as you listen to a calm, gentle rain with a rhythm of distant thunder.
  • BROOK - A bubbly flow of water gently tumbling over the rocks of a mountain crevice.
  • WHITE SOUND - A steady, constant background of adjustable white noise reminiscent of the roar of Niagara to gently and effectively mask intrusive, unwanted noise.


  • SEA GULL - The distinctive call of a single gull as it wings along the beach.
  • OWL - An echoic Whoo! penetrates the moonlit night of the northwest timberlands.
  • SONG BIRDS - A variety of recognizable song birds as they make their way through a peaceful forest.
  • LOONS - A mix of haunting loon calls languish through the fog of a remote mountain lake.
  • FROGS - The ribet of a pond frog and the croak" of a bull frog.
  • HAWK - Soaring over the canyon, the red tailed hawk shrieks a spirited cry.
  • BUOY - A sentinel for wary sea captains, the buoy clangs its signal through the harbor mist.
  • DOVE - The melancholy song of a mourning dove as the sun slip

Physical and Electrical Specifications:

  • Size: 5.85 (W) x 8.75 (D) x 3.12 (H); (14.86x 22.23 x 7.92 cm).
  • Weight: 2 pounds (.91kg) (including transformer);
  • Material: ABS Plastic. Electrical: External, wall mount transformer (UL, CSA, TUV, CE, etc.)
  • Normal household current (adapted to 9-12V DC). 6 foot cord (1.83 m) with 2.5 x 5.5 mm power plug.
  • Speaker: 4 inch, 4 ohm.

MARSONA 1288A Programmable Sound Condit
 Price: $209.00 Canada CDN

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