TRINE TECHNOLOGY Wireless Doorbell Chime/Flashing Strobe

Product # 234WB

An extraordinary important product for the hearing impaired or for any environment where noise is a problem. The strobe chime "lets you see your doorbell ring" by combining both sight and sound to create immediate awareness of any visitors arrival. It is completely wireless, so set up easy. Receivers plug into any outlet; pushbuttons are battery powered and then surface mounted. The unit is portable, and can be used with multiple pushbuttons. Two doors can be distinguished using either an 8-note/flash pushbutton (model 230/supplied) or the optional 2 note/flash pushbutton (model 231) which is sold separately. Multiple receivers can be used as well, put one in each room or one on each floor as necessary, they will activate at the same time.


  • Sound and Sight - 8 note Westminster or 2-note sound with flashing parallel light
  • Simply plug-in - as many as desired wherever desired
  • Volume control - adjust to desired intensity
  • Up to 100 ft. operating range
  • A23 battery included
  • 128 selectable channels - avoid false triggering
  • 80db at 3 feet at max setting
  • 6 Foot-Candles strobe output
  • FCC-IC approved, UL, CSA recognized

TRINE TECHNOLOGY Wireless Doorbell Chim
 Price: $92.20


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